Audio Werner

(Hartchef Discos – Berlin)

Little introduction is needed when one hears the name ‘Audio Werner’. With a history of house which spans over 2 decades, Andreas Werner has been a great contribution to underground electronic music not only as a producer and live performer but also as a DJ. Having created the label ‘Hartchef Discos’ with friends in 2004 he subsequently has produced many as unique as timeless releases. Since “Zwrtshak Drive” hit the clubs, Audio Werner started getting many requests to play DJ- and Livesets, many of the early ones in Berlin, a city he now calls home since. From then on he released not only on his own imprint Hartchef but also on the highly respected label Perlon with ‘Onandon’ / ‘Base’ in 2006 and later ‘Couched’ on the current ‘Superlongevity’ Compilation. Furthermore, his music can be found on labels such as Minibar, Hello?Repeat, or Story- just to name a few.

His most recent output earlier in 2014 was a jazzy approach on dubby housemusic he released on Finest Hour Recordings was a huge success and the fact it was sold out in less than one week speaks for itself. He is an extremely musical person always keeping in mind that music and party is about having a good time and not about carrying on some narrow-minded super serious business. This laidback and playful side comes out in his music.

On the studio front Audio Werner has been constantly developing new inventive ways of creating and performing music. His latest live set up, which he played for the fist time at ‘Get Perlonized’ in Berlin once again led to many other sucessful performances around the world including Fabric in London, Rex in Paris and as far as Canada and Japan. He is widely and generally primarily known for his productions and live performances however, DJing came first, he has been collecting and mixing vinyl records since the early nineties.


Territories: Asia, Australia
Agent: James What