(Millions of Moments | Modelmaker – UK)

MadderModes is a British deep house and techno duo consisting of Nic Ford and Andy Harper. Now a transcontinental project – with production taking place between Manchester and Saigon – MadderModes’ first official release came in 2014 with a self released 12″ under their own Shift Coordinate Points imprint. After that came their 2015 release on Millions Of Moments ‘Green Corn Moon EP’ which contained a track entitled ‘Myth Of The Muses” which was included on Berghain resident Nick Hoppners RA mix and made its way into the playlist of Move D. In late 2015 came “Dark Dust EP” on Andre Kronert’s Night Drive Music and in early 2016 the “Empirical Evidence EP” was released on Voodoo Down US records. Also in 2016 saw the release of Modelmaker 06 – with ‘Framing Device’.

Territories: Asia, Australia, Worldwide
Agent: James What