Upcoming Tours

Alex Arnout (Dogmatik) Offers for Asia / Australia in February / March.
Audio Werner (Hartchef Discos) Offers for Asia / Australia in March.
Azimute (Transmat | Cocoon) Offers for Asia.
Bill Patrick (Private Stock | tiNi & The Gang) Still available for Asia 16-20 January.
Burnski (Constant Sound) Offers for Asia in March, April.
Cesar Merveille (Cadenza | Roche Madame) Offers for Asia.
East End Dubs (Eastenderz) Offers for Asia.
Eddie Richards (Wiggle | Fabric) Offers for Asia / Australia.
Eric Volta (Visionquest | Flying Circus) Offers for Asia / Australia, January 16 until May 7.
Felix Dickinson (Cynic | DFA) Offers for Asia / Australia.
Franck Roger (Home Invasion | Real Tone) Offers for Asia / Australia / Europe.
Jay Tripwire (Superfreq | Poker Flat) Offers for Asia / Australia in April and May.
Joachim Spieth (Affin) Offers in Asia / Australia.
Lee Curtiss (Visionquest) Offers for Asia / Australia.
MANIK (Ovum | Poker Flat) Offers for Asia / Australia.
MEAT (Freebase) Offers for Asia 10 January to April 7.
Mr.C (Superfreq) Offers for Asia 13-30 June.
Pezzner LIVE or DJ (Dirty Bird | Get Physical) Offers for Asia / Australia. Available for Asia 22 or 23 February.
Robert James (Body MVMT) Offers for Asia in February.
Ryan Crosson (Visionquest) Offers for Asia / Australia April May 2019.
Shaun Reeves (Visionquest) Offers for Asia / Australia April May 2019.
Sabb(Radiant. | Moon Harbour) Offers for Asia / Australia 22.04 until 29.04.
Sebo K (Scenario | Rekids) Offers for Asia / Australia.
Silky (No.19 | My Favorite Robot) Offers for Asia January 10-17, 26 and 1, 2 Feb.
Simon Baker aka BKR (17 Steps | Drumcode) Offers for Asia / Australia / Europe.
Stefano Noferini (Visionquest) Offers for Asia / Australia April May 2019.
Toni Varga (Elrow | Avotre) Offers for Asia 8 to 23 March.
(updated 27.12.2018)


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