Upcoming Tours

Amber (Riot Recordings | Renesanz) December onwards, Dates TBC. Please enquire.
Argy (Cocoon | Cadenza) Available in December for Asia.
Cesar Merveille (Cadenza | Roche Madame) January / February for Asia.
Dani Casarano (Melisma) Open for offers for Asia / Australia late November until mid December.
DoubtingThomas (Lessizmore | Easternderz) Asia tour just closed. Taking offers worldwide.
Eddie Richards (Wiggle | Fabric) Available October 29 to November 2 for Asia.
Eric Volta (Visionquest | Flying Circus) Available December to March for Asia / Australia.
Joachim Spieth (Affin) Album Tour just closed. Open for Offers.
Konrad Black (Wagon Repair | Meander) Available 20th December until the 12th January.
Losoul (Playhouse) Open for offers December onwards for Asia / Australia.
MadderModes (Modelmaker | Millions of Moments) Open for offers.
MANIK (Ovum | Poker Flat) Album Tour! Available November onwards for Asia and Australia.
Marc Antona (Dissonant | Music ON) Open for offers Nov. to Jan. for Asia / Australia.
Natalia Escobar (Poison Arrow) Available for Asia / Australia 27 November to 12 January.
Pezzner (Dirty Bird | Get Physical) Open for offers for Asia / Australia
Ryan Crosson (Visionquest) Available for Asia / Australia in 28 December until mid January.
Silky (No.19 | My Favorite Robot) Available for Asia / Australia 23 November until mid December.
Ten Ven (Greco Roman) Open for offers worldwide.
Tim Green (Cocoon | Get Physical) Offers 23 November to 3 December for Asia.