Andrey Pushkarev

(Luck of Access – Lisbon)
resident advisor

Born in 1981 in a tiny town of the Pre-Ural region, Votkinsk. Andrey made his way to the worldwide underground scene by collecting and successfully playing vinyl records for over 25 years.
Vinyl collector, his special and deep taste for sound is recognizable and respected in more than 60 countries. From Australia to the US, South America, Asia, and Africa.

The career of a professional DJ started at the age of 15. Despite minimal resources for getting any alternative information on underground culture and music before and after the Soviet Union collapsed, his passion for electronic sound still developed rapidly and evolved into dedicating his whole life to it. Constant searches and desire to share precious finds involved in a life’s time work so now he is spinning vinyl in clubs, all-scale festivals, and broadcasting at Boiler Room, Mixmag Lab, and live streams.
In 2006, he became a resident DJ of the unique web radio which was broadcasting non-commercial techno music for free and without any advertising to listeners from 53 countries till the end of the summer of 2011.

In 2013, he appeared as the main protagonist of the documentary film Kvadrat which explores the realities of DJing, shot by Anatoliy Ivanov in 5 countries. This movie had a huge impact on the underground community because it showed the other, more vulnerable side of the profession and revealed a romanticized illusion of the life of an electronic artist.
As a producer, He mainly focuses now on ambient and dub sound, as an opportunity to state an inward-outward message, not influenced by short-lived hype.
The releases and remixes can be found at labels like Circus Company, Endless, Lessizmore, and Thule Records.
Also, he is producing and curating music for his label, Luck of Access which was opened in 2017 and provides a space for artists to reveal the unknown sides of their musical style.

Territories: Asia, Australia
Agent: James What