Cesare vs Disorder

(Serialism – Brazil)
resident advisor


Cesare Marchese is an Italian-Polish artist now based in Brazil. He is a DJ, music producer-composer, sound engineer and A&R, founder of Serialism Records and Morning People. Having lived first in Milan in the 90s, then in London for almost a decade, Cesare relocated to Berlin a few years back. During his time there he held residencies and played regularly at the most influential clubs in between touring all over the world on top of releasing music on some of the most known Dance labels around. Now based in São Paulo for a few years, he’s leaving his mark on Brazil’s nightlife as well as composing Soundtracks for Films, TV series, Shorts, and Documentaries reaching with some of them, some prestigious Film Festivals worldwide.

His background is eclectic, obsessive, ranging from classical piano studies and live drums to a deep passion for Jazz, Bossanova, Neo Soul, Electronica, Dub and Hip Hop. His discography stretches over for years and continents and includes major Indie labels such as Ninja Tune/Big Dada, Cocoon, Bpitch Control, Transmat, Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical Music, and tons of underground imprints, from Vakant to Watergate or D-Edge via Dumb Unit, Rawax, NervMusic or on his label Serialism that has been a reference in the Club industry for 15 years.

Serialism is Cesare’s cutting-edge record label based in between São Paulo, Berlin, and London. The label focuses on the Techno and House side of electronic music. It has gained recognition internationally over the last few years for its roster of artists and array of unique releases and collaborations as well as events all over the world. With almost 50 12″ vinyls to date, the label style varies from elegant refined house to slow techno and soulful grooves, Jazz and swing influences incased in industrial minimal and bouncy house stem effortlessly through Serialism’s signature.

Territories: Asia, Australia, Europe
Agent: James What