Cesar Merveille

(Cadenza | Roche Madame – Berlin)

The Paris-born enchanter was propelled to the world stage via his partnership with Cadenza providing a platform for his music to reach a broad audience and enabling him to command dancefloors big and small the world over.

Such exposure has also given rise to new artistic ventures, most notably working with long-time friend Ryan Crosson, providing space for them to explore textures and moods unconstrained by the dancefloor’s demands. The pair released their second full-length album on Visionquest in 2017. From his current base in Berlin, Cesar has embraced the natural workflow of hardware production, immersing himself in a studio powered by machines and intuition.

His new label Roche Madame is a product of this, channeling the creative energy of musical allies to give rise to new collaborations. Constantly feeding off his environment, Cesar’s unbridled energy finds him operating both as a world-class DJ, and as an artist embracing innovation whilst committed to his grounding principle of music as pleasure.


Territories: Asia, Europe
Agent: James What